April 11

An Unlikely Rescuer


Amy’s story is the first story in the 2017 anthology, The Gecko Renewal, and it’s easy to understand why. Her powerful story had me captivated from her first words: scratchy but warm blanket, locked office, heaving riot. Yes, it’s set inside a prison and she is a prison officer. This is her story, The Unlikely Rescuer.


laptop in front of window
Amy’s writing space

“I find my writing spot to be restful and inspirational – not because it is especially beautiful but because it is a space amidst the everyday where God always seems to be.

I did not previously have in mind the notion to write An Unlikely Rescuer. I decided to support the Stories of Life competition – such a great idea – and in an instant the memory of the event in the story came to mind. I wrote the story in about half an hour – and then crafted a little. Essentially, though, it was inspired and I hope will be a source of inspiration for those who read it.”

Amy Ireland

Is it time to tell your story


rescuer, riot

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Welcome to the team, Paula Vince

Welcome to the team, Paula Vince

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