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Just Published in 2021

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2021 SOL anthology

This year’s collection of Stories of Life, The Labyrinth, contains a great variety of subject matter. However, one recurring thread in this year’s stories is that of disaster experiences, from boating wrecks, car accidents, plan crashes, to natural events like tornadoes and bushfires. Some are set within hospital wards and Intensive Care Units. Many of the stories this year are transformation stories, that is, accounts of lives that have been radically altered by a caring intervention of others, recognised as the hand of God at work. The writers of this year’s stories of life are to be commended for their willingness to share about the place of God in their lives and their deep gratitude for divine support in times of crisis.

Published in 2020

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‘The stories are uplifting and inspiring – I read and reflected until very late. ‘The Ring’ brought back lots of memories. My parents knew the power of prayer.’

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Published in 2019

The 2019 Stories of Life anthology

Papa’s Shoes is a collection of true stories of faith, written by ordinary people who encounter God somehow, somewhere. Often in surprising settings – a taxi-cab, a fast-food chain, a weed-infested gardens – these stories remind us that God is near us and cares deeply for his creation. Order from Book Depository and get it delivered to your door.


Published in 2018

The 2018 Stories of Life anthology

Three Dummies in a Dinghy is the third instalment of the Stories of Life series. In it, ordinary Australians share their extraordinary stories of faith and life. Some tales are  poignant, others are entertaining and upbeat. Although not all are happy stories, the message still comes through clearly: God is faithful, near and active in the lives of ordinary people. Order from Book Depository and get it delivered to your door.


Published in 2017

Gecko on Bookcover
The 2017 Stories of Life Anthology

The 2017 Stories of Life anthology, The Gecko Renewal, brims with stories of how our amazing God impacts ordinary lives. The tales within encourage, inspire and uplift. Order from Book Depository and get it delivered to your door.


Published in 2016


34 Australians share their stories of life and faith. This collection features the best writing from the 2016 Stories of Life Creative Writing Awards and provides a glimpse of the many ways in which God is at work in people’s lives. The title story A Chicken Can Make a Difference sums up well the essence of this collection of stories about seemingly ordinary things, people and events that end up making an extraordinary difference when the grace of God is involved. Order from Book Depository and get it delivered to your door.