Stories of Life is a short story writing competition that seeks out true stories of faith and testimony. Every year we publish an anthology of the best entries and award cash prizes in three categories.

Our 2020 awards evening and book launch was a lot of fun and we’re pleased to be able to share these wonderful true stories of life with you. Our 2020 anthology is full of inspiring and uplifting stories of life. Grab a copy today.

The 2020 Stories of Life anthology

Published in 2019

The 2019 Stories of Life anthology

What we are looking for

We are looking for stories that are interesting, lively, perhaps even quirky. We love tales laced with warmth and humour that show evidence of God’s reality. The stories can be about any aspect of faith, so lateral thinking is welcomed. We love reading about how our extraordinary God has touched ordinary lives. 

Whatever the topic, we encourage you to write your story in a way that speaks to ordinary people, who may never have been part of a faith community. Try to avoid Christian jargon, be real and be true and your story will have the power to transform.

The 2018 anthology – 44 stories of life published

What we are not looking for

We are not looking for devotionals or reflections on a bible passage. Rather, we want stories where something happens to someone. You can write a biographical story of another person (with their permission) in a journalistic style, but don’t just tell us the facts. The stories we love will not only be true, they will also touch our hearts.

Gecko on Bookcover
The 2017  anthology – 49 stories of life published

The Judging and Publishing Process

All submissions are appraised as anonymous entries. A preliminary reading panel selects the best stories for publication in our annual anthology. These stories are also passed on to the judges. There is one judge per category, and we have different judges every year. The judges select the top three stories in their categories. Prize winners are announced at the launch of the anthology. Some stories are also recorded, if possible by the writer, and broadcast on 1079 LifeFM. 

The 2016 anthology – 36 stories of life published

Our 2020 anthology, The Swimmer, out now – purchase online or at Tabor Adelaide.