Stories of Life is a writing competition that seeks out stories of faith and testimony. We are looking for stories that are interesting, lively, perhaps even quirky. We love tales laced with warmth and humour that show evidence of God’s reality.

The stories can be about any aspect of faith, so lateral thinking is welcomed. We love reading about how our extraordinary God has touched ordinary lives. You can tell us about how you came to know Jesus, about how he healed you or miraculously provided for you, or you can relate how he gave you strength when things were tough. Past stories have included a prison riot, a gecko running around in church and a mountain rescue.

Apart from awarding cash prizes to winners in each category, we also published selected stories in an anthology that is available by Christmas. We have published over 160 stories since 2016 and here’s the list of writers and their stories published in our 2019 anthology, Papa’s Shoes and other stories of life.

The 2019 anthology, Papa’s Shoes and other Stories of Life

Whatever the topic, we encourage you to write your story in a way that speaks to ordinary people, who may never have been part of a faith community. Try to avoid Christian jargon, be real and be true and your story will have the power to transform.

2018 Stories of Life anthology, Three Dummies in a Dinghy

We are not looking for devotionals or reflections on a bible passage. Rather, we want stories where something happens to someone. You can write a biographical story of another person (with their permission) in a journalistic style, but don’t just tell us the facts. The stories we love will not only be true, they will also touch our hearts. Check out our archives to read or listen to past stories and you’ll understand why they are called stories of life.

The 2017 Stories of Life anthology, The Gecko Renewal

Your stories matter and we want to hear from you. We want to hear from established writers, and also those who might not have written a short story since leaving school. For those who would appreciate some help getting started, we have plenty of resources here.

The 2016 Stories of Life anthology, A chicken can make a difference

We want to encourage excellent writing because powerful stories are vital for sharing the gospel with a world hungry for truth. While the prizes on offer are a definite incentive, all shortlisted entries will be included in an anthology of stories to be published in Australia by Morning Star Publishing. Some entries (mostly ones from the ‘short’ category) will be chosen to be read on radio at 107.9 Life and others may be included in the Eternity Matters column of various newspapers.

All stories will be appraised by a preliminary reading panel as anonymous entries.  The panel will pass on a selection of the best entries to competition judges. There is one judge for each category and the category judges will select a first, second and third winner in their category. Winners will be announced at the book launch.

Copies of the 2019 Stories of Life anthology, Papa's Shoes, now available in Koorong and online.