Communications Career Kickstart

Pleased to let you know that Tabor College, one of our supporters, will be holding this workshop in Perth.

Register now to go into the draw to win ‘The Master’s Book Case’, a collection of books from the Masters program including key texts and creative publications by those who have emerged from the course.


Session 1: Surviving Creativity. Creativity: what it is, what it isn’t.

Session 2: Where do ideas come from?

Session 3: Editing and effective creativity.

Lunch provided

Session 4: Storytelling for communication and making a living.

Session 5 Commercial communications.

Closing session.

An Angel in Heaven

Hazel Barker’s story An Angel in Heaven about losing her baby was published in the 2020 Stories of Life anthology. This is what she told us:

I wrote this story in the hope that anyone who grieved would turn to God for strength and support. My husband and my religious beliefs were a comfort to me when I grieved. We supported each other, and the Lord gave us the strength to bear our cross.

My story, An Angel in Heaven is especially for women who have lost their babies to know that they are not alone in their grief. Experiencing something like the death of a child can only be fully understood for those who have suffered the same loss.

Hazel Barker

Do you have a story of faith to tell? We’d love to hear it. Entry guidelines here. Feature photograph of Hazel Barker supplied.

Invitation to Dance

Last year, Rhonda Pooley’s story ‘Invitation to Dance’ was published in The Swimmer and other stories of life.

2020 anthology The Swimmer
2020 SOL anthology

‘Invitation to Dance’ is about how Rhonda visited Cambodia to celebrate Cambodian traditional instruments, and how she participated in this celebration through  prayer, music and dance.

The events referred to in this story have greatly impacted my life. They show me that God has a uniquely designed purpose for everyone and that he will bring it to pass if we are faithful to follow his leading – no matter how long it takes! 

Rhonda Pooley

Do you have a story to tell? We would love to read it. From Rhonda’s story, and the many other stories in our archives, you can tell that a story of life can be set anywhere, and can be about practically anything. That’s the beauty of an anthology! What’s your story? Five days left to submit.


The story that took 47 years to write

Dear Reader

I am so very thankful to have my story ‘Slightly Awkward’ published in the 2020 Stories of Life Anthology.

A few people have asked me the length of time I took to write the story I submitted.  In truth, the actual written component was reasonably quick and straightforward.  However, my answer is “It took me 47 years to write!”.  Life each day as a person with a chronic and progressive illness is both daunting and great, along with experiences that are just plain satirical with a pinch of whimsy.

My goal was to share an honest story that had joy interspersed with the frustrations that some tasks can bring in my situation. To show that a life imperfect is perfectly okay!

Many blessings

Esther Cremona

(‘Slightly Awkward’, The Swimmer and other stories of life)

Send us your story draft for helpful feedback from one of our experienced editors? Or submit it for a chance to get published.

God’s love in the home

Colleen Russell’s story, ‘God’s Love in the Home’, was published in our 2020 Stories of Life anthology. The story is based on her own family, her own life.  Her advice to wordsmiths is:

When you have loved, when you have been loved, express these cherished memories in your telling and in your writing, because these are God’s words and the reader will recognise them as such.

Colleen Russell

Calling all wordsmiths to take advantage of Feedback Month. Send us your story drafts and one of our experienced editors will give you constructive feedback. We want to work with you to give you best chance of getting your story of life published in our 2021 anthology.


Pete and Aiden on Feedback Month

Pete and Aiden talk about Stories of Life and Feedback Month, including this very practical tip from Pete:

You have to timetable creativity.

So, schedule some time in your diary to write, collect the bits of writing you produce, send it to us before the end of June, and we will get some professional creative writing teachers/tutors to get feedback to you. (They’re all very nice and affirming – don’t worry.)

As far as we know, Stories of Life is the only writing competition in the world to give personalised feedback on story drafts before submissions. This is because we want your story in our 2021 anthology, and we want to help you make your story the best it can be.

Let us work with you to make your story awesome! Submit story drafts here.


My Two Mothers by Donna Meehan

Last year, Donna Meehan’s story ‘My Two Mothers’ was published in our 2020 anthology, The Swimmer and other stories of life:

‘My Two Mothers’, written and read by Donna Meehan.

In 2000, Donna published a memoir It is no secret: the story of a stolen generation childNine years later, she also spoke about what it was like to be separated from her biological mother, Beatrice, when Donna was only five and a half years old. You can view that video, along with photographs of her early life, in the Stolen Generations’ Testimonies Project.

Donna’s short story, ‘My Two Mothers’, was published last year in our 2020 Stories of Life anthology, The Swimmer and other stories of life. It’s a very short story, but powerful, and evocative.

If you were moved by Donna’s story, why not pick up a copy of  our 2020 anthology, The Swimmer and other stories of life, where Donna’s story above was published.

Feature photo: Donna Meehan. Photo supplied.


Val Russell, author of ‘Misunderstood’

Last year, Val Russell’s story ‘Misunderstood’ was published in The Swimmer and other stories of life. It’s the story from when Val was a child, migrating from England to Australia, flying via Bahrain. Val describes that huge journey from the perspective of her younger self, a little girl with autism.

Val Russell, photo supplied.

SOL: What led you to write this story?

Val: I think the fact that females with Autism go very much unnoticed and people need to know the internal impact it can have on a child when no one knows or understands..  When I tell people i have autism they often say ‘but you don’t look or act like you have autism’.  People need to know what it’s like having autism, so they can begin to understand and relate appropriately.

SOL: What has being published has meant to you?

Val: I was very very shocked that my story was published.  I am encouraged to continue writing the story.

SOL: Have you received any feedback from people?

Val: Feedback has been very minimal.  I think my story is different and people don’t know what to make of it. Thats my guess anyway.

To read Val’s story, grab a copy of The Swimmer and other stories of life.



In God’s Garden by Heather Gray

Last year, Heather Gray’s story ‘In God’s Garden’ was published in our 2020 anthology, The Swimmer and other stories of life:

In God’s Garden by Heather Gray. Music composed and produced by Jason Shaw

If Heather’s story touched you, why not get your own copy of The Swimmer or Papa’s Shoes today?

Or enter one of your stories of faith in our competition. It might be selected for publication in the 2021 Stories of Life anthology or broadcasted and your story might touch someone else.


Submissions closed. Stories to be published announced in October.