November 17

Becoming Unmasked & The Test: Backstories

Congratulations to Teri Kempe who had two stories published in our seventh anthology, Bones and Blue Eyes and other stories of life. She told us how the stories came about…

Becoming Unmasked

During the COVID pandemic I became increasing aware of all the ways each person was challenged by the imperatives to wear a mask and isolate. The thought of the impact kept swirling in my head until I felt compelled to start writing it down. This birthed a book in which I examined how I had been unmasked at different times in my life, and how God had unmasked characters in the Bible. Then I was introduced to another author who lived interstate who wrote a book with a similar title. It is heart-stopping when you realise God is orchestrating divine and casual appointments for His purposes. Who knows where ripples across the pond that began that day may land.

The Test

God has blessed me with good health and at 75 I am aware of many friends who suffer from many health challenges. I was scared I would not be able to cope with a sudden health challenge. I prayed God would give me the strength and attitudes to cope with a sudden medical emergency and still be able to trust and praise Him. Then it happened [beware what you pray for!]. Totally unexpectedly I fell ill and found myself in an ambulance and facing major surgery. It should have been a shock and scared me witless. Instead I found myself filled with confidence and peace. No qualms, no questioning, just calm reassurance and joy!  It was totally inexplicable. I felt compelled to tell the story!  I wrote it for my family and friends and then sent it to Stories of Life!
To read Teri’s stories, order your copy of Bones and Blue Eyes from our online bookstore today.

Bones and Blue Eyes is the seventh anthology in the Stories of Life series, true stories of ordinary people experiencing a connection with the divine in the context of their ‘ordinary’ lives. They are electricians, accountants, butchers, mothers, preachers, children; people grieving, people rejoicing, people helping and being helped. In each story we see individuals believing, however shakily, in a God who cares and comes to them. The writers are honest about pain, doubt, poor choices, unjust circumstances, fear… This is not a collection of neat stories, perfect doctrine, and pasted smiles. On the contrary, many are unfinished stories of people who simply acknowledge that, along their way, the God of love meets them. Stories of Life will encourage, refresh, challenge, entertain and inspire you.


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