November 19

Backstory to A Gift From God

Emma Fisher’s story A Gift From God about her son Matthew was recently published in our 2022 anthology, Bones and Blue Eyes. She shared her backstory with us:

I went to church as a young girl and found I didn’t really fit in anywhere. I felt like an outsider and left, leaving God behind too at age 13. I spent my youth thinking man was clever and smart, and had all the answers, but as I grew and became a mother I found that men don’t have all the answers. I found that it takes a lot of guessing to figure out problems, and I didn’t always get a decent answer. My second child had health issues and that’s when I started noticing flaws in some major systems. Ultimately, the systems were not working and doing things my way were not working either. It all came to a crashing halt when I had my son Matthew…

Matthew when he was a week and a half, and above at two years old.

Taking part in this competition means my story has not been wasted. My time, efforts and energy that went into this journey were used for good. This journey could have led me down a very dark path in life, but with God it is light. My story gets easier to tell the more people I tell it to. The sting goes away when people wander and marvel at the little boy who runs around my feet – baffled by his journey in life. That’s what makes my heart really sing, the fact he could physically go through all of that, and I emotionally went through it and we came out spiritually richer and full of love and light for this journey. For He can work wonders. And I get to hold His wonders in my arms every day!

To read Emma’s story, and other stories of faith and testimony, get your copy of Bones and Blue Eyes today.


Emma is currently writing social stories for higher needs children which can be found on Teachers Pay Teachers (ASD Books) and on her website at She is also working on a visual Bible to engage higher needs children in the Bible stories. Genesis is available to purchase through her website. Her aim is to include all the Bible stories, without the gore and gruesome content but still clearly to the point, with morals and values being encompassed and expressed through simple language and visuals.


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