May 5

Port Macquarie Book Event

L-R: Sherry Thompson, Tony Koch, Jenelle Francis, Mark Worthing (editor) and Aileen Huf

Last year, several members of the St Peter’s Lutheran Church at Port Macquarie got together to capture moments in their faith journey by writing them down. Five of their stories were selected for publication:

Lord, Help Me be a Mother by Sherry Thompson

The Mount Morgan Prayer Meeting by Tony Koch

Life is Precious by Jenelle Francis

God Sent His Angles by Aileen Huf

Their stories are featured in The Labyrinth. Each story is different and yet all point to the same God. The picture above was taken at a book launch at their church. It was a fantastic experience for the writers and also their congregation. Why not get together with a few people from your faith community to write stories of life? You can also team up with someone to help them write their story. Just over three weeks to the start of feedback month!


Feature image of a Port Macquarie sunset by B. Murray, Creative Commons, on Flikr.


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Welcome to the team, Paula Vince

Welcome to the team, Paula Vince

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