The best of 2016


The 2016 anthology

Lutheran Education Young Stories of Life award 

My God, My Father by Bethany Balacco

Eternity Matters Short Stories of Life award

Lucky Underwear by Sue Jeffrey

Tabor Open Stories of Life award

Fighting for Peace by Jade Wyatt

Helen Tilly

An Unexpected Gift

Kay Dainty

A Chicken Can Make a Difference

Kenneth Drinkald

A Day to Remember

Gaynor Faulkner

Odd Calling

Jessica Fazzari

The Story of My Life

Sue Jeffrey

 Lucky Underwear

Jeanette Grant-Thompson

When I Think I’m Going Under

Catch Tilly

Lessons in Theology From the Underpants Gnome

 Carolyn Tonkin

Welcome Home

Linda Truss

Saving Season

Jade Wyatt

Fighting for Peace


All these stories, and many more stories of faith and testimony, are in A Chicken Can Make A Difference, available from Koorong and Book Depository.

The 2016 anthology