July 22

Exploring the Weirdness of the World

Congratulations to Dr Pete Court, one of our editors, who will be launching his new book The Used Men’s Bicycle Club next Saturday 29 July 2-4pm at the Velo Precinct, Victoria Park in Adelaide. He said that ‘even though it arrives at the end of the Tour de France and is held at a cycling themed Cafe, it has almost nothing to do with bicycles. And only a little to do with the end of the world.’ Apparently, there will be many cool people to meet, and kids are welcomed, so do check it out if you’re in Adelaide.

Pete before he became Dr Court. Photo supplied.

SOL: What prompted you to write The Used Mens’ Bicycle Club?

I love exploring the weirdness of the world by turning it upside down and seeing what happens.

SOL: What is the genre of your book?

It’s a short story collection, a short story ‘Cycle’ Officially it’s ‘realist Fantasy’ but has a bit of Sci fi, a bit of romance, the odd mystery in their too.

SOL: Who is your intended audience?

People who love a bit of a chuckle, a bit of a shock and a bit of thought provocation.

SOL: How would you describe your writing process for this book?

Long, gentle, with fits of passionate whirlwinds.
SOL: Could you describe the way facts and imagination interplay in the writing of this book?
The central idea is that the world suddenly stops turning. It then tells stories of what people become in this new world. Does it bring out our best or simply accentuate the way we already were
SOL: What effect do you hope that your book will have on your readers?
That it will intrigue to the point that little bits keep popping into your head during your day. I wonder what I would do…
Pete’s previous book was Sub Urban Tales.


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Welcome to the team, Paula Vince

Welcome to the team, Paula Vince

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