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Last year, Claire Watson’s story, Arise, was published in our 2019 anthology, Papa’s Shoes and other Stories of Life.

The 2019 Stories of Life anthology

We asked Claire to tell us the background to her story, and this how she replied.

‘As a child I loved reading and writing, but better job prospects within science and health led me away from the arts. My love for words remained dormant while I pursued a career in physiotherapy, but began to trickle back when God interrupted my plans and directed me towards full-time service within The Salvation Army.

Life in the Watson household was full and happy when we received the shock that our third child, and only daughter, had a rare and incurable disease. I began to record some of my thoughts on paper, and a book began to take shape following Hannah’s death in April 2014. When I realised I was ill-equipped to edit and publish it, I enrolled in the Creative Writing Course at Tabor College. The quality teaching and regular encouragement I received empowered me to publish my memoir through The Salvation Army.

Arise, my contribution to the 2019 Stories of Life is a brief snapshot of my book: Fingerprints of Grace. It contrasts the innocence of childhood and my former simplistic faith, with the deeper trust in God that developed through suffering. It also highlights the hope of the resurrection. Although the circumstances are not what I would have chosen, I am grateful to God for both the gift of our daughter and the opportunity to tell her story. The book is available from Koorong: www.koorong.com.’

Claire Watson

Claire’s book, Fingerprints of Grace

Claire supplied the feature photo of her daughter Hannah. Heartfelt thanks to Claire and the Watson family for sharing your powerful story of resurrection hope with us all.



faith, resurrection, suffering

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