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Dance with Me

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Cassie’s Writing Desk
Cassie Grace wrote, Dance with Me, featured in the 2017 anthology, The Gecko Renewal.

‘Dance with Me’ Story by Cassie Grace

“I was first and foremost a musician, then a songwriter. Music was my outlet for expression my emotions and frustrations, until I injured my arm and couldn’t play for fun for a couple months. It was through this that I discovered my passion for writing and creating stories (although since I’ve gotten my job teaching music I have a lot less time to write than I’d like).
A friend from my writer’s group encouraged me to enter the competition last year, saying that she was sure I had a God-story to share. I was reluctant at first – I’m a bit shy about self-sharing with large groups of people – but I thought about it, and God led me to this story. I suppose the heart of it is really about my journey of learning that even in the hardest of situation, God has never left my side.
And as far as the whole “shy” factor goes – for anyone considering entering – just do it! It is so worth it, and you never know who God can reach through you. Also, I stacked it in front of my whole church. Telling a story is nothing after that.”
By Cassie Grace
This is a song Cassie wrote and recorded in 2016.