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Feedback on Feedback Month


‘Thank you so much for the feedback. This was a very difficult story for me to write, but one I felt compelled to. I knew it was not right because I was focused on spelling out the injustice I felt, rather than the overwhelming grace of God in bringing about a resolution!  So thank you so much. I hope now the story has a better focus. Although I understand this is no guarantee it will be included in the publication – but I now I feel much more satisfied with my submission!’

‘Thanks a million for the feedback from Dr James Cooper. It gives me ample time  to work on the story before entering it into the Stories of Life Competition.’

These quotes are from two people who have had their drafts reviewed, and we’re so glad that our new initiative, Feedback Month, has well and truly taken off.

From serious writers to people who don’t usually write, many have written back to thank our editors, and have said that the feedback is helping them to improve and continue working on their story draft. Our editors are all published authors and are freely giving of their time and expertise. Don’t miss this great opportunity.

To submit a story draft for review, click here Feedback Month.


Final Editing

What does reading out loud have to do with story writing? Pete Court will explain why it’s a great way to help with final editing, along with other great tips to help you present your story in the best possible way.


Our other Stories of Life writing videos:

Getting Started by James Cooper

Finding your Voice by Pete Court

Five Ways to Improve you Story by Mark Worthing and Pete Court

Watching these videos and doing the associated exercises will help you to write your story of faith and testimony. Now you can either submit it, or hang on to that draft if you’ll like personalised feedback for our editors. Information on how to submit drafts online still to come.

2016 – 2019 Stories of Life anthologies

Will your story be on our 2020 Stories of Life anthology? We hope so. Whether you submit it now or later, please make sure you send in your story by 31 July. Faith is precious, especially in dark times. Don’t waste the light.