Stories of Life is a writing competition that seeks out true stories of faith and testimony. Our aim is to equip Christians to tell their stories well, and to provide a platform for the best of those stories through our annual anthology, radio broadcasts and online presence.

We are looking for all sorts of stories. Your story may be action-packed or reflective, joyful or sorrowful, traditional or quirky. Whatever the story, we hope to read of how something happened to someone in a way demonstrated the reality of God at work in this world.

The stories can be about any aspect of faith, so lateral thinking is welcomed. We love reading about God’s grace in action. A good way to get a feel for the type of stories we seek is to go through our archives and writing resources.

Whatever the topic, we encourage you to write your story in a way that speaks to ordinary people, who may never have been part of a faith community. Try to avoid Christian jargon. We are not looking for devotionals or reflections on a bible passage.

You can write a biographical story of another person (with their permission) in a journalistic style, but don’t just tell us the facts. The stories we love will not only be true, they will also touch our hearts.