July 25

Pete and Aiden on finalising the story

Last week, creative writing teacher Dr Pete Court and radio host Aiden Grant spoke about what’s involved in finalising a draft for submission. Aiden’s wife has written a story, but Aiden wondered if there was enough of God in it for it to be a story of faith and testimony, to which Pete replied:

‘Most people who have a faithful life, everything they do in their life is a faith story. It is there.’

Actually Pete said much more that may be useful to you. Have a listen…

Pete and Aiden on 1079 Life on 20 July 2022

If you have submitted your story for feedback in June but have not received feedback, please contact us ASAP. (As far as we know, we have sent all feedback out…but somethings things get lost.) Only 6 days left! Submissions close this Sunday, 31 July 2022. All submissions will be considered for prizes and for publication in our 2022 anthology, to be released in November.


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Welcome to the team, Paula Vince

Welcome to the team, Paula Vince

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