The story that took 47 years to write

Dear Reader

I am so very thankful to have my story ‘Slightly Awkward’ published in the 2020 Stories of Life Anthology.

A few people have asked me the length of time I took to write the story I submitted.  In truth, the actual written component was reasonably quick and straightforward.  However, my answer is “It took me 47 years to write!”.  Life each day as a person with a chronic and progressive illness is both daunting and great, along with experiences that are just plain satirical with a pinch of whimsy.

My goal was to share an honest story that had joy interspersed with the frustrations that some tasks can bring in my situation. To show that a life imperfect is perfectly okay!

Many blessings

Esther Cremona

(‘Slightly Awkward’, The Swimmer and other stories of life)

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