The Anthill by Diana Davison

Last year, Diana Davison’s story ‘The Anthill’ was published in our 2020 anthology, The Swimmer and other stories of life:

The Anthill, written and read by Diana Davison. Music composed and produced by Jason Shaw

My father’s memorial garden.

This is where I spend a frequent amount of time reflecting. It is a realm immersed in nature and one where I can ‘just be me’ on a bench within my father’s memorial garden. Thoughts come and go but nature remains to inspire me with its insight.

It is approaching nearly three years now that I have found myself coming here. I have written words private and observational to me while paying respect and being respectful to my surroundings. My little hardback note book or notes on my phone are always at the ready to capture my thoughts before they become fleeting, like the breeze.

It was here – in this writing space – that I sat watching the build up of an anthill growing over time.  A reassuring presence in a dead quiet setting.  It inspired my short story for the ‘Stories Of Life’ anthology. I feel blessed to be included in this book of connectedness. The book itself has shown me that many people have different stories to tell in their own voice which, in the end, brings us all together.

~Diana Davison

The 2020 Stories of Life anthology

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