Holiday Plans Awry

Nesta Hatendi’s story, The Holiday, was published in our 2020 anthology, The Swimmer. A very short excerpt:

The Holiday

The last five months have not been how I envisaged them before I left home. I arrived in Australia in March for a family reunion and a once in a lifetime trip to Bali, thrown in as a bonus. …

The long-awaited Bali holiday dramatically smouldered into ashes as news headlines referenced new visa restrictions to limit the spread of the virus to Indonesia. The global epidemic was now a pandemic which had a name – COVID-19…

We asked Nesta about her experience of having her story published in our 2020 Stories of Life anthology, The Swimmer.

What led you to write this story?

I was feeling disorientated and somewhat despondent because my plans had gone awry and things seemed to be out of my control. Then when events started falling in line without much effort from me, I began to realise that there is a time and place for everything and I should just have faith which conquers all.

What has being published meant to you?

This was my first published short story ever! Since then, I have been writing more and submitting short stories online. I want to eventually publish an anthology of short stories. So thank you for the boost in my confidence.

Any feedback from people who have since read your story?

Relatable and inspiring.

To read Nesta’s full story, order a copy of The Swimmer today. Or order it for delivery for someone who could use a little encouragement and hope.

The 2020 Stories of Life anthology