Congratulations to our 2020 Stories of Life winners

Tabor Open Stories of Life

First place – Graves to Gardens by Martina Kontos

Second place – Snakes, Ladders and Green Carpets by Anusha Atukorala

Third place – The Ring by Jo-Anne Berthelsen

Special Mention – On the Way to Somewhere by Margot Ogilvie


Eternity Matters Short Stories of Life

First place – A Timeless Symphony by Stephanie Taylor

Second place – Andy by Craig Chapman

Third place – Twenty Square Centimetres of Power by Margot Ogilvie


Immortalise Young Stories of Life

First place – Suicide is not a book in the Fiction Section by Isabel Barton

Second place – Selective Listening by Anan Mclean

Third place – Suitcases by Elizabeth Turland

Thank you to our sponsors – Tabor College, Eternity Matters and Immortalise – for enabling us to celebrate excellence in writing, and to our judges – Nola Passmore, David Rawlings, and Corrin Townsend – for giving their time and expertise to select the 2020 Stories of Life winners. Warmest congratulations to all!