Nurturing the Gift – the Story of Tabor’s involvement with Stories of Life

 In the beginning was the Word!

When God created the heavens and the earth, his Spirit moved over the waters bringing order to chaos. The living Word was there from the beginning – and not one thing was made without Him. God said, Let there be light and there was light. He spoke and so it was.

Even now, day after day pours forth speech – the voice of the living Word who has lived among us. The One who spoke healing to the lame and sight to the blind. Who rebuked the elements, saying: Be still! Who cried out, Lazarus, come forth! causing a dead man to stir to life and stagger from the tomb.

God speaks and in so doing “makes it so” – a creative power that belongs to him alone but which we find reflected in our human creativity. Oh yes, creatures of the Word are we!

While we may struggle to comprehend or express such a mystery, the point remains that language is a gift from God – evidence of a divine spark that differentiates and dignifies each and every one of us as creatures made in His own image.

Tabor’s Creative Writing program has always been about nurturing the gift of language, and the imaginative and creative capacities language makes possible. That’s why Tabor is proud to sponsor Stories of Life, an initiative that aims to equip and encourage everyone to share stories that resound God’s grace and goodness in the world.

It’s always wonderful to see the wide range of people who are moved to share their stories each year – young, old, men, women and children. Many of our students have contributed to Stories of Life over the years, too, while some contributors have been led to develop their storytelling skills by studying with us. Further, Tabor has played a key role in developing the writing resources available through the Stories of Life website, as well as hosting the annual book launch event.

2019 Stories of Life contributors and sponsor at the book launch

More than ever, our world needs people who can think and feel deeply, people skilled at creatively bearing witness to the great Theo-drama into which we’ve been written. That’s what creative writing and communication is all about at Tabor, and that’s why we’re keen to be on board with Stories of Life. It’s been a fruitful partnership these past five years, and one we pray will continue.

That prayer was answered recently with the accreditation of our new Master of Creative Writing & Communication (with nested Grad Cert and Grad Dip awards), to begin at Tabor from 2021. If you have a creative itch and a story to tell, then our courses are designed with you in mind. We’re also working on a new Diploma we hope will be perfect for people who haven’t previously done a degree and are looking for a shorter accredited course.

To find out more, jump on the Tabor website, send us an email or give us a call – we’d love to talk. You can also keep up to date with what’s happening, including the latest publishing achievements among our students, by following us on social media. Follow the links provided for details.

Dr James Cooper, Director of Creative Writing & Communication, Tabor, Adelaide