2020 stories to be published

Congratulations to all the following contributors whose stories have been selected for publication in the 2020 Stories of Life anthology. These stories are also in the running for prizes in their respective categories. Prize winners will be announced at the book launch, which will be held on the evening of Wednesday 18 November, at Tabor Adelaide and online.

 Immortalise Stories of Life

Surviving the Lockdown by Amelia Shee

Selective Listening by Anan Mclean

The Fighter by Bastien Lee

Another Happy Memoir by Baxter Gierus-Heintze

My Piano Solo  by Caleb Cheah

Suitcases by Elizabeth Turland

An Experience that Changed Me by Ellisa Thong

Lonely No More  by Isaac Wong

Suicide is Not a Book in the Fiction Section by Isabel Barton

The Perfect Song by Kaitlin Turland

A Leap of Faith by Mikayla Saladine

My Asthma Story by Moses Yong

He Answered by Sheann Tung


 Eternity Matters Short Stories of Life

That Question by Anna Kosmanovski

A Letter to You by Beverly Sweeney

Saved by Subtitles by Boo Hooi Khoo

God’s Love in the Home by Colleen Russell

Andy by Craig Chapman

Our Story during the Pandemic by Cris Yu

The Anthill by Diana Davison

Jerusalem, in Egypt by Elizabeth Tobal

Promised Rescue by Emma Taylor

The Swimmer by Gaynor Faulkner

Pterodactyl by Grant Lock

In God’s Garden by Heather Gray

The Wonderful Peace  by Jeanette Grant-Thomson

A Small Giveaway by Jenine Altmann

The Way to Remember by Jennie Del Mastro

Where is God in my Covid-19 world? by John Duthie

Peacock by June Desireé Hoel

An Imperfect Mum by Karen Curran

His Eye is on the Budgie by Lesley Beth Manuel

Twenty Square Centimetres of Power by Margot Ogilvie

Only a Male by R. J. Rodda

A Timeless Symphony by Stephanie Taylor


 Tabor Open Stories of Life

Snakes, Ladders and Green Carpets by Anusha Atukorala

The Refugee by Charles Yuen

Palm Trees, Sand Dunes and Beach Umbrellas by Diana Davison

Always on Time by Donna Meehan

Slightly Awkward by Esther Cremona

An Angel in Heaven Now by Hazel Barker

An Unexpected Adventure by Heather Gray

The Ring by Jo-Anne Berthelsen

Sign Language by Julia Archer

Unexpected Grace by Kylie Gardiner

Sprinkled with Surprises by Liisa Grace-Baun

With You by Lisa Birch

In the Green by Liz Donald

Light Expels Darkness by Magda Alef

On the Way to Somewhere by Margot Ogilvie

Graves to Gardens by Martina Kontos

The Crucible by Judith Noyes

The Holiday by Nesta Hatendi

Invitation to Dance by Rhonda Pooley

The Kodak Moment by Stephanie Taylor

Misunderstood  by Val Russell