Sprinkler Spontaneity

The 2019 Stories of Life anthology

Last year, Diana Davison’s story, Sprinkler Spontaneity, was published in our 2019 anthology, Papa’s Shoes and other Stories of Life.

Contributors and sponsors at the launch of Papa’s Shoes and other stories of life in November 2019. Diana is third from the left.

Diana also recorded her story at the 1079 Life studios in Adelaide. Sprinkler Spontaneity was broadcast in South Australia over summer. You can hear it here:

We asked Diana to tell us a bit about herself, why she entered this competition and if she had any photos to share. This is what she sent us.

Young Diana with her father

This is a treasured old photograph of my beloved father – Kenneth Davison. That’s little me photo-bombing to the left (I may have started the movement… just saying).

My father was my solid ground and I feel very blessed that he was here to be my beacon on this earth. I miss him dearly. My short story – Sprinkler Spontaneity – is dedicated to him.

Writing my story was a needed step to healing after his passing on Boxing Day in 2017. I was not coping and felt so alone. However, I soon realized I was not alone.  My ramblings were heard and, with the acceptance of my sharing of emotions and struggles, I was acknowledged with a print in – Papa’s Shoes – which I am truly grateful for. It has propelled me forward positively to embrace writing and to know we are never truly alone.  Thank you ~ always.

Diana Davison

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