One Empowered Woman book launch

Hi. My name is Margot Ogilvie, and I’ve been thrilled to be a part of Stories of Life since its inception in 2016.

Some time ago, I enrolled in a secular writing course and was required to write a short biography, a story of some-one else’s life. I chose Lyn Barnes, a local Christian lady who raises money for widows and children in Tanzania. I had heard her speak several times and was very impressed by her passion for the work she does.

I chose Lyn as my subject and developed the biography through a series of assignments. The tutor was prolific in his feedback, including, ‘but the money couldn’t have just come from nowhere,’ when I told of God’s miraculous provision for Lyn’s ministry. He became more and more excited with each instalment and insisted that I had a full-length book if I chose to pursue it. With Lyn’s permission, I did just that, doing many more interviews and taking many more notes to expand 10,000 words into 100,000. One Empowered Woman was born.

Two years later, the book has been published and is about to be launched. The process has taught me a lot more about writing and publishing than I could ever learn through a course. And, best of all, I made a friend. Lyn is a remarkable woman, with an amazing story. The back-cover blurb tells you more:

One Empowered Woman

Do you sometimes feel too shy, too damaged, or too old to possibly be loved or useful?

If so, One Empowered Woman offers you hope and encouragement through the story of Lyn Barnes. It is an intimate story of violence and love betrayed, heartache and triumph, forgiveness and breakthrough. Lyn’s tumultuous spiritual journey is revealed, from lost, lonely, pregnant teenager through decades of physical, emotional and spiritual abuse to retired, twice-divorced woman with an amazing sense of humour, transforming the slums of Tanzania into a place of hope.

Lyn’s faith brought her to a place of forgiveness, purpose and empowerment.

Her life delivered empowerment and possibility to the poorest of the poor.

Her story offers those who read it optimism, inspiration and some suggestions on how to release God’s grace and empowerment in their own lives.

One Empowered Woman will be launched on Sunday 24th November at 3pm at Encounter Hall, 13 Leworthy St, Victor Harbor. Books will be available for purchase, and both Lyn and I will be available to sign your copy. Afternoon tea will be served. I’d love to see you there, but if you can’t make it and you can email book orders to me at

Ed: Feature image supplied by Margot to Stories of Life after the publication of her story ‘On the Clifftop‘ in the 2017 anthology. Margot also has a story in the 2019 anthology, Papa’s Shoes, titled ‘A sheep called Jeffrey.’