2019 Stories of Life winners

Lutheran Education Young Stories of Life

1st The Golden Detour by Kaitlin Turland

2nd The Happy Memoir by Baxter Gierus-Heintze

Equal 3rd My Mother’s Death by Jonah Teh and My Journey Climbing Mount Kinabalu by Leanne Low

Highly Commended Story of My Life by Joyce Ling

Eternity Matters Short Stories of Life

1st In a Manger by Joanne Prenzler Smith

2nd Drop Zone by Juni DesireƩ Hoel

3rd The Crazy Message from God by R J Rodda

Tabor Open Stories of Life

1st prize Confessions of a Realist by Emily Maurits
2nd prize No Place Like Home by Gaynor Faulkner
3rd prize Vessel by Rebecca Abdel-Nour