The Year by Tsung Chung

Tsung’s story, The Year, was published in the 2018 Stories of Life anthology, Three Dummies in a Dinghy.

Tsung shares the backstory to his piece:

I wrote The Year covering events of the year after the passing of my wife, Betty, in 2016. She was 43 years old and had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of melanoma 18 month prior.Throughout this period, I found writing and putting my thoughts and feelings on paper (well, screen) helped me reflect on the situations of my life. So I figured it would fit well as an entry for Stories of Life.

When I was done, I sent out my initial draft to a few close friends and they noticed that I hadn’t mentioned Betty in the story. It was a deliberate choice on my part as I had wanted to try to convey that something was missing in the story – in this case, someone very dear to Shaoey and I.

I still try continue to reflect on events by translating them to written words. I post my Confessions of a Clueless Dad series on my Facebook page – very irregularly I must say – which allows me to use words, and photos, as a mirror to life. These two photos were taken at Mt.Lofty on the day of our arrival in Adelaide in Jan 2018.

Tsung and Shaoey

If you haven’t read Tsung’s story, it is well worth buying a copy of Three Dummies in a Dinghy just to read ‘The Year’ and, as a bonus, you’ll also get another forty-three true stories of faith. You can also head over to our archives to listen to past Stories of Life.

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