The Giant Swing

Juni Desireé

Juni Desireé’s story, The Giant Swing, was published in the 2017 anthology, The Gecko Renewal, and broadcast on Life FM.

Juni’s story of life: The Giant Swing

On the off chance that she might have a picture of the giant swing, I wrote to Juni. I was delighted when she replied with not one, but two photos of the event, explaining that she ‘loves documenting everything’.

Juni on the Giant Swing
The view from above


“I heard about Stories of Life by searching for writing competitions. As a Christian and a life writer, I love what this competition is about. I believe we all have stories and they’re meant to be told because they can give so much to others. They can uplift, encourage, inspire, challenge, comfort, and enlighten. They’re powerful. They can change thoughts, behaviour, and even lives.
I wrote the Giant Swing when I was writing a book about everything I’ve learnt from twelve years of beach mission. Just before my very first beach mission, I went on this youth camp. It was such a significant time, a time I believe God used to prepare me for beach mission and this next chapter of my life. I was terrified of going to beach mission because it was something new and I’d be meeting lots of new people. But the camp helped me not let fear stop me, which was symbolised by going on the giant swing. It showed me that if I could do the giant swing, then maybe I could do lots of other things I never thought I could do or was too scared to do. And that’s definitely what happened. God has taken me on a journey where he’s grown me, changed me, and gotten me doing impossible things.”
Juni Desireé
Juni’s Writing Desk

Juni’s Other Works

In 2017, Juni self-published The Walk Chronicles. It is about a Christian charity walk from Sydney to Melbourne that she participated in, an experience that changed her life.

She has also edited and self-published three other books where people from around the world share their personal experiences on a particular subject: Fall in Love with Writing, To and From: Mother and Please Tell Someone: Personal accounts of sexual and indecent assault. I had a peek inside the last book, and found some powerful stories inside.

Juni blogs at Journal Treasures.