Catch Tilly’s story, Foolish, was published in the 2017 Stories of Life anthology, The Gecko Renewal. She’s kindly provided a photo of her amazing cast of Romeo and Juliet, and you can also hear her read her story here.

Costumed performers in front of a red wagon
Catch Tilly with her cast
‘It’s the cast of Romeo and Juliet in front of one of the wagons.
Cast is (left to right):
  • Bryan Keniry (Romeo),
  • Ellonye Keniry (Juliet- married just before we set off to Romeo/also played Benvolio and Gregory),
  • Mark Holgate (Tybalt/Lord Capulet/Friar/director)
  • Caraid Holgate (servant and horse-handler)
  • Catch Tilly (Prince/Lady Capulet/ Mercutio)
  • Thea Taylor (Samson/Nurse/costume designer).
Missing are the two horses who also performed in the play.
We travelled in this wagon and another larger one for 2 months performing Romeo and Juliet off the side of the wagons in NSW before coming to Adelaide. We in fact travelled as far as Hay in one of the waggons.
The public performances were in 2004 in October and the school shows in august. Public shows were in Elder Park, below the Festival Centre.’
Catch Tilly