If you didn’t laugh

Glenda Austin had two stories published in The Gecko Renewal. Today, we hear her read her story, If you didn’t laugh.

Glenda’s dad with her son, Michael

Following on from last week’s post, Glenda tells us a bit more about herself.

How did I come to enter the competition?

I had some stories written and some others started that were sitting in my computer for years. I worked on them from time to time. I believed somehow God would use them as He had led me towards the writing. I had only shared them with one or two friends and my daughter.

After I shared two of my stories with her, a Christian friend who is often prophetic said I would be a published author someday. That idea went into the ‘that would be nice’ basket yet, I treasured the idea in my heart.

In 2016 I saw a Christian Writer’s page on Facebook. I asked to join. Looking around in the page I realized that many of the members had published books. I felt like an imposter. I had no idea about how to get anything published and had no idea if what I wrote was any good or of any use. When I saw the advertisement for the competition and knew I was to enter. The comp was asking for exactly what I had been writing – true stories of God revealed in life. I took parts of two of my longer stories and edited and changed and added. I was full of energy and anticipation. I stayed up late writing, I got my permissions and sent two stories in.

I was amazed to be short listed and when the stories were published I was so excited – because God was able to use something I had done in obedience to Him.

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