Not Alone

Glenda Austin had two stories published in The Gecko Renewal. This week, she shares why she writes and also gives us the backstory to ‘Not Alone.’ As a mother, I was very moved to hear Glenda’s story and thrilled when she sent through the photo  mentioned in ‘Not Alone’.

Why did I write the stories?

About twelve years ago I felt a need to draw closer to God after my second divorce and I believe that the Lord asked me to write stories about how He had worked in my children’s lives and comforted me as a mother. I am not super-spiritual. I have moved well away from God at times. However, to me there was clear evidence of God moving in my children’s lives.

In some cases, He saved their earthly lives and yet He also acted for us in a less dramatic situations. He often simply communicated with me in a supernatural way about them. To me, what occurred was unmistakable evidence of God’s love for both my children and myself. I needed to be reminded of that love when I started to write.

Glenda Austin in her writing space

We were never any more deserving God’s blessings than other people, yet I know a genuine connection to Jesus does bring benefits of peace and comfort, healing and safety. I have a strong heart connection to my children and conscious of my own inadequacy to protect them I had to hand them over to God in prayer. Simply put – I trusted them to God.

I found that I could “build an altar” to worship Him in the memory-telling. I can see his love. And his mighty power. I write to honour and thank Him.

‘The’ photo

L – R: Michael and David, the photo mentioned in the story

The photo of Michael and David in Timor, the reverse of the vision I was given by God, is a story in itself. The timing was typical of our loving God. The night it appeared on Facebook was a Friday night when my youngest son had gone back into hospital. He had been battling depression and psychosis for two years at that stage. I was very much in need of God’s reassurance. Seeing the photo that night hit me so hard I burst into tears. A timely reminder that God had all my sons.

There have been many hard times for my youngest until very recently. My writing to a magistrate was credited by that magistrate with saving my son from gaol last year. He is much better now, attending church often. His story is long and only partly written. In faith I have gone ahead and written the last sentence of his story – saying he is “well and serving God”. We are coming closer to this all the time.

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