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The Golden Detour

Feature image of Kaitlin Turland on Mount Catherine supplied by Kaitlin herself.

Kaitlin Turland won first prize for her story, The Golden Detour, in the Lutheran Education Young Stories of Life 2019. She also recorded her story at the 1079 Life studios in Adelaide. In a Stories of Life first, you can hear Kaitlin’s recording here before it goes on-air in January 2020.

Kaitlin Turland reading her prize-winning story, The Golden Detour

Kaitlin recently wrote to the Stories of Life team:

Thanks so much for making this competition possible. It has been a childhood dream come true to have a story published. 

If you are a young person with a story of faith, won’t you consider sending in an entry next year? We accept submissions from April to July and there is no entry fee for writers aged 17 and under, who submit a story in the Lutheran Education Young Stories of Life category.

Kaitlin at the 1079 Life studios recording her story, The Golden Detour.

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The 2019 Stories of Life anthology, Papa’s Shoes and other stories of life

Mountain Trails and Mountain Tops

This year, we are thrilled to have several stories that take place on mountains around the world:

  • Kosciuszko Tough by Hannah Morrison. Mount Kosciuszko is the highest mountain in Australia at 2228m.
  • One Blue Arrow at a Time by Naomi Currie about climbing St Mary’s Peak (Ngarri Mudlanha), 1168m, in the Flinders Rangers.
  • My Journey Climbing Mount Kinabalu by Leanne Low. Mount Kinabalu is the highest mountain in Malaysia at 4095m.
  • The Golden Detour by Kaitlin Turland on climbing Mount Catherine, Egypt, 2,629m.

As can be imagined, mountain climbing pushes us to the limits of our endurance, and awes us with spectacular reminders of the greatness of God. These stories carry us along in the physical challenge, but also enable us to experience, vicariously, what it is to:

  • lean 20 degrees into wind gusting at 60km/hr in order to help your eight-year-old sister continue climbing (Kosciuszko Tough)
  • feel gear envy when your water bottle is a freebie emblazoned with sponsor’s logos, but others have ‘the lightweight backpack with inbuilt water-cooler and sipping tube’. (One Blue Arrow at a Time)
  • prepare for months as the youngest member of a group comprising five families (My Journey Climbing Mount Kinabalu)
  • give in to hot and tired frustration when your Bedouin guide leads you downhill when the summit is so close that you can see it in your mind’s eye (The Golden Detour)

If your reading chair beckons, but you still want to feel some of that mountain-climbing adrenalin and learn some of those life lessons, pick up a copy of Papa’s Shoes at the book launch or online. Only one week to go.