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Miracle by Juni Desireé Hoel

Juni’s story, Miracle, was published in the 2018 Stories of Life anthology, Three Dummies in a Dinghy. It is a story about a pair of crystal earrings that shone rainbows in the sun, Juni’s grandmother who gave her those earrings and the God who loved her enough to listen.

Juni with her journal

Juni’s backstory

‘Miracle’ began as a journal entry. I love journaling and spending quiet moments reflecting on where I’ve seen God show up in my life. I was then challenged to craft my experience into a story. I enjoy this challenge because I believe in the power of stories to move people (whether that’s through song, dance, art, film, or simply talking with someone face-to-face). My favourite form of storytelling is writing, and through entering Stories of Life three years in a row now, I’m learning more and more how to turn real-life experiences into compelling stories. I find this so exciting and love what Stories of Life is about connecting writing, faith, and real-life stories.

Juni’s artwork

Juni’s writing

I’m currently looking at publishing a book called When Heaven Meets Earth: Thoughts on kingdom living. It’s about everything I’ve learnt about God, mission, heaven, community, identity, etc. from 12 years of serving at beach mission. I’m just in the process of editing and getting final endorsements and permissions. Then next year, the plan is to publish a book with my artwork about how God helped me through depression and anxiety. I’ve attached a couple drawings to do with that project. And, of course, I’ll look forward to entering Stories of Life again next year too – yay!

Beach Mission

Juni blogs at Juni’s Journal. You can also follow her on Facebook at Juni Desireé Writer and on Twitter @junidesiree

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