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I was a Church Planter for the New Age Movement by Donna Albrecht

In 2018, Donna’s story was published in the Stories of Life anthology, Three Dummies in a Dinghy, and broadcast on LifeFM in Adelaide, Australia.

Donna Albrecht recording her story at 1079Life

Donna Albrecht’s decade-long search for spiritual meaning left her with a feeling of dread and a fear of death. She lost hope and struggled to stay alive. ‘I didn’t want to live, yet I was terrified of dying.’

‘I was a Church Planter for the New Age Movement’ by Donna Albrecht

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2018 Stories of Life anthology

Could your story be published in the 2019 Stories of Life anthology? We have writing resources to help you get started. Check out our categories and send us your story. We’re accepting true stories of faith and testimony until 31 July 2019.

God Believed in our Dream

Claire’s story about her Hawaiian dream appears in the 2017 anthology, The Gecko Renewal. Hear her read her story here:

Claire by her computer
Claire at her writing desk

Here is the backstory to how Claire entered the Stories of Life competition last year:

I love Stories of Life! Christians giving witness to God at work in their lives is powerful – strengthening faith, sharing insight, giving us a sense of being in it together. As a storyteller who has known Jesus for over forty years, I have many experiences I would love to share, and this competition and anthology gives me that opportunity.

I have to confess to leaving my run a bit late this time, submitting the story in the last hours before the deadline! I am grateful that ‘God believed in our dream’ was given a place in the anthology. And then the opportunity came to share it over the airwaves so that more people could be encouraged – that was irresistible! It was my first time recording. I like reading aloud, but I felt nervous. I stood in front of an old-fashioned-looking microphone alone in the room, seeing the recording engineer and his bank of equipment through a window, while I tried to hold the book where I could see it without turning away from the mic.

We all have stories to tell, and we need each other’s stories. I don’t live an adventurous life but even in the ‘ordinary’ of my life, God does extraordinary things that are worth writing about. 

Claire is also the author of a short, taut novel about identity, trauma and transition, The Golden Hour.