Listen to Stories of Life

During January, twenty stories from the anthology, ‘A Chicken Can Make a Difference’, were played on air on 107.9Life – and they continue to be played on Sunday evenings at 6.30pm. Each week we will be featuring the recording of one (or two) of these stories on the Stories of Life website.

This week we’re featuring the recordings of ten stories from the anthology, A Chicken Can Make a Difference.

Kay Dainty

A Chicken Can Make a Difference

Kenneth Drinkald

A Day to Remember

Gaynor Faulkner

Odd Calling

Jessica Fazzari

The Story of My Life

Sue Jeffrey

 Lucky Underwear

Jeanette Grant-Thompson

When I Think I’m Going Under

Catch Tilly

Lessons in Theology From the Underpants Gnome


 Carolyn Tonkin

Welcome Home

Linda Truss

Saving Season

Jade Wyatt

Fighting for Peace


We want you to tell us your stories of life and faith!