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2019 Stories of Life

Congratulations to the following writers, whose stories have been selected for publication in the 2019 Stories of Life anthology. These stories are also in the running for a prize.

Prize-winners will be announced at the 2019 Stories of Life book launch on Thursday, 7 November at Tabor Adelaide, 6:30pm for 7pm start.

Lutheran Education Young Stories of Life

Baxter Gierus-Heintze – The Happy Memoir

Ivan Yap – God My Confidence

Jemuel Wong – A Good Friend

Jonah Teh Kai Xuan – My Mother’s Death

Joyce Ling – Story of My Life

Kaitlin Turland – The Golden Detour

Leanne Chong – Good Out of the Bad

Leanne Low – My Journey Climbing Mount Kinabalu

Mikaela Tan Shyi Ern – The Answered Prayer

Priscilla Ng – Only God Knows

Yasmin Esther – I Raise a Hallelujah

Eternity Matters Short Story of Life

Alan Blunt – A Lesson for Life

Anusha Atukorala – The Answer

Graham Byrne – Hearing God’s Voice

Jane Owers – The Dress

Joanne Prenzler Smith – In a Manger

Juni Desireé Hoel – Drop Zone

Kylie Gardiner – A Certain Stranger

Megan Higginson – Three Seconds, Bus Stops, and Log Trucks

R.J. Rodda – That Crazy Message from God

Rusty A Lang – A Thousand Dollars

Valmai Redhead – Papa’s Shoes

Tabor Open Stories of Life

al Bikaadi – Son of Man

Angela May – Heart Wide Open

Bronwyn Fisher – She called me mouse

Claire-Louise Watson – Arise

Craig Chapman – One of the Six

Diana Davison – Sprinkler Spontaneity

Emily Maurits – Confessions of a Realist

Gaynor Faulkner – No Place like Home

Hannah Matthews – More than a piece of paper

Hannah Morrison – Kosciuszko Tough

Jane Walker – I like Boys

John Alexander Duthie – An inclusive church

Julie Willersdorf – God fixed the scanner

June Hopkins – God’s garden gloves

Kaye Johnson – Jamie

Kylie Gardiner – Rebirth

Liisa Grace-Baun – The circle of love

Lisa Holbrook – The Unlikely Tractor Pull

Margot Ogilvie – A sheep called Jeffery

Maria Rudolph – A stranger passing through

Naomi Currie – One Blue Arrow at a Time

Olivia Harman – John Jenner

Rebecca Abel-Nour – Vessel

Rosalind Lum – He is alone

Sally Shaw – On my dirty knees

Teri Kempe – Out of My Depth

Image by June Laves from Pixabay

Thank you to all

If your story has not been successful on this occasion, it’s not because your story isn’t valuable. We honour all entrants for their effort and their openness in sharing their story. Thank you for sharing yours with us this year. We hope, as you keep practising the craft of writing, you will be able to send us new stories in the future and that we might be able to publish them.

How much longer?

Simon Kennedy, our 2019 Open category judge

Simon Kennedy is our 2019 Stories of Life judge for the Open category. He’s written a blog post today on ‘How much longer?

Simon is a co-creator of the TV series Safe Harbour, a psychological thriller shown on SBS in Australia, and on the BBC. Simon also has his own YouTube channel, ‘Songs with Simon‘ Yup, he’s multi-talented. And he’s our judge. Woohoo!

We are accepting submissions of stories of faith and testimony till 31 July. Could your story be in the 2019 Stories of Life anthology? We hope so.

Judge in focus: Kit Densley

Pleased to introduce the 2019 Eternity Matters Short Stories of Life judge, Kit Densley.

It’s so important to be able to tell your story. Stories of Life isn’t just a competition, but also a chance to workshop and hone your skills. Then your story is given the chance to make an impact in someone’s life.

Kit Densley

Kit has been on the airwaves with 1079 Life for over 4 years and has studied short story and creative arts in various forms. She loves stories and people and enjoys spending time helping people share their stories, whether on air, in print or online.

Judge in focus: Ruth Bonetti

Ruth Bonetti is the 2019 Stories of Life judge for the Lutheran Education Young Stories of Life.

Ruth Bonetti at the launch of her book Midnight Sun to Southern Cross

Ruth grew up in the arid Queensland outback, intrigued by the strange-accented relatives she met on holidays near Byron Bay, in areas developed by her power-house grandfather W. A. Back.

Ruth’s career in classical music became a passport to the world.

Destiny led her to live in Sweden, directly across the Gulf of Bothnia from Granddad’s birthplace in Finland. There she researched his story, and that of the black-sheep brother who in 1899 fled with Russians in pursuit to Suez.

Ruth is author/editor of a dozen publications about music, education and performance, five through Words and Music and two with Oxford University Press. Burn My Letters, Book 1 of the Back Brothers’ saga, won the 2017 Omega Writers’ Caleb Award for Nonfiction.

2019 Stories of Life Judges

     Simon Kennedy for the Tabor Open Stories of Life

     Kit Densley for the Eternity Matters Short Stories of Life

  Ruth Bonetti for the Lutheran Education Young Stories of Life

Thank you Simon, Kit and Ruth for giving of your time. Today we feature Simon Kennedy. We will tell you more about Kit and Ruth in the days to come.

Judge in Focus

Simon Kennedy

Simon Kennedy is co-creator of Safe Harbour, a 4 x 1 hour multi-award winning psychological thriller screening on SBS and internationally on Hulu and BBC. He has researched, developed and written for many production houses, and is working on streaming, television and feature documentary projects.

Simon is a sought-after script consultant and has his own slate of TV, feature film and webseries projects for both children and adult markets. He has won national awards in short story and poetry and was a juror for 2017’s international 168 Film Festival’s screenwriting competition.

In 2013, after seven years as a professional musician, Simon co-founded and continues to perform in Songs with Simon, a YouTube channel of kids’ songs produced in his garage that has over 44 million views and 58,000 subscribers.