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Fourth in the Stories of Life series, Papa’s Shoes is a collection of true stories of faith, written by ordinary people who encounter God somehow, somewhere. Some of these stories are set, as you might expect, in hospital wards and graveyards, on mountaintops and in churches. But others take place along city roads, rural roads, manicured gardens, weed-infested ones, home kitchens and fast-food chains. It suggests that there is nowhere beyond God’s almighty presence. Taken together, these stories turn our gaze to the vast immensity of a God who is near us and who cares deeply for his creation. In these stories, God answers existential questions, provides practical solutions, and reminds a family of his love with something as commonplace as a pair of papa’s shoes.

Copies available from Koorong, Book Depository and Amazon.


Three Dummies in a Dinghy is the third instalment of the Stories of Life series. Read a review here. Copies available from  Koorong OnlineMorning Star Publishing, Book Depository and Amazon.


The 2017 Stories of Life anthology, The Gecko Renewal, brims with stories of how our amazing God impacts ordinary lives. The tales within encourage, inspire and uplift. The anthology can be ordered now from Morning Star Publishing. 



The 2016 anthology, A Chicken Can Make a Difference, can still be purchased from Morning Star Publishing.




Copies of the 2019 Stories of Life anthology, Papa's Shoes, now available in Koorong and online.