What’s church got to do with it?

Being an anthology comprising stories of faith, you would expect Papa’s Shoes and other stories of Life to have stories featuring churches. Indeed, some stories are set in churches, but perhaps not in the way you might expect.

In A Lesson for Life, Alan Blunt brings us to a 1948 school yard in Darling Downs, southern Queensland, where he and his sister Patty are targeted, not just because they are new, but also because they are Catholic. Help comes from a most unlikely source.

In An Inclusive Church, John Alexander Duthie turns our attention to attitudes towards disability in the church, and how the physical spaces our churches occupy affect people with disabilities.

In A Stranger Passing Through, Maria Rudolph, a young German backpacker, arrives in Adelaide too early to check-in to her hostel. In the early morning stillness, Maria comes across a church with ‘a wide, open portal’. Stepping in, she muses that she has visited many church buildings, but had never experienced what goes on inside, in context. The story then unfolds through the heart of one experiencing church life for the first time: music and singing, stained glass and candles, church luncheons with Aussie sausage rolls and cold meats. What will it all add up to for this stranger passing through?

Read all these stories and more in Papa’s Shoes, to be launch on Thursday, 7 November, 2019.