The Great Physician by Adah Doebele

Adah’s story, The Great Physician was read on 1079Life and published in the 2018 Stories of Life anthology, Three Dummies in a Dinghy.

Adah is a Kenyan, who lives in a village in Kenya, 500 km west of Nairobi at the border with Uganda. Adah has written four books, which are available on her website.

When I learned about the Stories of Life competition, I had a very strong urge to enter. It took me a few minutes to write my story and send it.
Australia is a country, a continent that I like very much and have always desired to visit.

When the Stories of Life long list was released with my name on it, I was overjoyed! Learning that my story would be published in the anthology was truly humbling for me. I am very happy and thankful that even though I have not visited Australia yet, my story has preceded me which is a great honour because my hope is for my life testimony to be read and heard as far and wide as possible, to encourage others that God really Is ABLE!  “For nothing is impossible with God.” Luke 1:37

Adah Doebele

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