An Angel to Watch Over Them by Megan Higginson

Megan Higginson

Megan’s story, An Angel to Watch over Them, was read on 1079Life and published in the 2018 Stories of Life anthology, Three Dummies in a Dinghy a story that anyone who has ever cared for young children will appreciate.

Megan with her children

Megan shares a bit about what Stories of Life, and writing in general, means to her:

The Stories of Life Competition has been a great opportunity to try out a different type of writing to what I am used to, and to share a snippet of one of the many incredible encounters I’ve had with God over the years.

I usually love exploring different lands, people, make believe planets (or even real ones), and diverse parts of the universe in my stories. The ability to take the reader to somewhere else, or even to explore their own environment with new eyes, is so ​much fun. I’m currently rewriting a middle grade sci-fi novel, have a picture book due out this year, a number of other stories in various stages of completion, and a couple of stories on The Creative Kids Story Collection Vol. 2 due out December 2019. (I have a story in Vol 1. which came out in 2017.)

​One of my favourite things to do is run writing workshops at schools. When I visit schools, I share my journey of growing up with dyslexia and discovering the love of reading and writing. In doing so, I hope to encourage and inspire children to not give up when reading and writing is difficult, and to write their own amazing stories. I’ve had the privilege of running a number of these workshops in my local school community in 2018, and I look forward to running more this year.

I also speak about living an amazing life even though I’ve lived with a chronic illness for over 14 years. There is more about me on: on my blog:

If you haven’t read Megan’s story, grab a copy of Three Dummies in a Dinghy or head over to our archives to listen to past Stories of Life.

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