A String of Beans by Gaynor Faulkner

Gaynor’s story, A String of Beans, won first prize in the 2018 Tabor Open Stories of Life competition last year. Her story was about stumbling upon a church and then a church procession when on holiday in Italy.

Fred and Gaynor by Lake Como in Italy

Last year, the online Stories of Life community had a lot of fun with Gaynor’s story in the lead-up to our 2018 Stories of Life book launch. With no clue as to story or context, people tried to guess the missing word from one of Gaynor’s sentences:

People of all ages scurried out of those massive church doors like _______ evacuating a/an_______________.

Some of the suggestions were:

  • ants evacuating a flood
  • kids evacuating the house when chores need to be done
  • men evacuating a chick-flick

You can read Gaynor’s story, and other first prize category winners, here. For more great stories like this, grab a copy of the 2018 Stories of Life anthology, Three dummies in a dinghy.