Bird Man by Craig Chapman

Craig’s story Birdman was published in the 2018 Stories of Life anthology, Three Dummies in a Dinghy. He also visited the LifeFM studios in Adelaide and recorded his story for broadcast over the 2018/2019 summer.

Bird Man by Craig Chapman

Craig recording his story at LifeFM

Backstory for Bird Man

Over a period of time, I observed a man who regularly frequented the carpark at my local beach. It appeared that he would often park there during breaks in his work routine. What was interesting about him was the way the seagulls gathered on, and even in, his vehicle. He had obviously spent sufficient time with them to ensure they were comfortable in his presence.

I began thinking about the connection this man appeared to have with the gulls. I also speculated in regard to the events of his life and why he was drawn to this spot.

I have not had opportunity to meet Bird Man in person. There is a part of me which prefers it this way, as I can imagine his circumstances without being restricted by facts! He reminds me of the importance of removing myself from distractions and coming to God in stillness.

About Craig Chapman        

Craig has been writing for many years – poetry, fiction, non-fiction. He has contributed several stories to the three Stories of Life anthologies and is also a published novelist. His book, Succession Plan, was published in 2017. It is a biblical fiction story, set at the end of King David’s life and based on events described in the first chapter of 1Kings. His website is Craig enjoys outdoor adventure and is a regular blogger on

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