‘A realisation’ by Levi Schubert

Young man in radio studio reading from 'Three dummies in a dinghy'
Levi recording his story at the LifeFM studios


Levi’s story, A realisation, was published in the 2018 anthology, Three Dummies in a Dinghy, and also broadcasted on Life FM.


Family photo with background of blue-green waters, sandy beach and lush vegetation on a hill
Levi’s family on Fitzroy Island just off the coast of Cairns. From Left to Right: Mum (Fiona), Greer, Isaac, Dad (Gavin) and Levi.


‘Stories of Life has been a great opportunity and motivation to gain some writing skills and experience. But I think the biggest impact that Stories of Life has had on my life has been reading the stories of other people around my home city who have been impacted and used by God in incredible and inspiring ways.’

Levi Schubert

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