Have you ever walked passed someone sleeping rough in the street? Have you ever felt that you should do something? But walked away, feeling bad? If you have, as I have, then you might identify with Yvonne Smuts, in her winning story, ‘Encountered’:


Yvonne at her writing desk
Yvonne Smuts

Yvonne won the first prize in the 2017 Tabor category. ‘Encountered’ was published in the 2017 Stories of Life anthology, the Gecko Renewal, and this is the background to her amazing story:

“The Journey to San Jose came about in the connection of a series of seemingly random dots: someone unknown to me earnestly praying in Costa Rica, a painful marriage breakdown, the tumultuous crash of the US housing market, the sudden recollection of a seemingly incongruous and insignificant conversation about an obscure Central American country that I had six years before. All these events were pinpoints in my life, and the spaces around these dots were to be connected together into the fabric of greater Purpose and Plan.

We see, mostly in hindsight, how a God of Perfect Order works in the sometimes chaotic dots of life in ways that are a Mystery. Often the significance cannot be discerned by someone outside that ‘working’ because it is in essence the deep ‘heart knowing’ of Relationship. And the impact remains strictly personal in the ‘One on one’ encounter, as the almighty Creator God interacts with the created beloved one.

But just occasionally the testimony can spill over into meaning for others where the teller senses that the lasting impression on someone else may be more than a sceptical ‘Really’? When the Divine engages with our frail mortality in a particular situation others see that this realm we live in is not all there is. This was my experience both in how I came to be in San Jose and how I saw God at work there.

I am grateful for the opportunity to share the experience through Life Stories, and for the chance, in the fabric of the stories of others, to glimpse the unmistakeable working of Christ present with us.”

Yvnonne Smuts