On the Clifftop


Today we get to read one of the stories that was runner up in the 2017 Tabor Stories of Life category, On the Clifftop by Margot Ogilvie. Margot’s story was subsequently published in the anthology, The Gecko Renewal.

Asked about the backstory, Margot wrote:

“When I sent the story to Maureen for her approval, as recommended by the team, her reply made me smile: ‘The cliff top walk – I think you changed the facts around a little but you are forgiven. The fact is, Missy, that I was the concerned one with two elderly people with breathing problems and one wife and mother of three with heart issues!!! (However, as I said you are forgiven and I’m content to leave the story as it is.)’

I could just imagine her pretending to be telling me off, calling me Missy as if I was a naughty child, then giving me her cheeky smile. It added to the fond memories of her visit even more.

The photo of me on the clifftop didn’t come out. I appreciate Stories of Life because it gives me the opportunity to combine two of my greatest passions – God and writing.”

When I read Margot’s story, I wished that I could see some those priceless photos. I wrote to Margot, and she  has kindly shared some of those photos with us.

Maureen nearing the end of the clifftop walk
Panoramic view of the bay
Maureen on the clifftop
A man and two women on the clifftop with stunning views of water and rock behind
Three on the clifftop



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